Grinding & Flotation Software and Services



MetSMART is powerful minerals processing simulation software that can mass balance, model fit and simulate the behaviour of any ore body within a grinding & flotation plant.

MetSMART highlights bottlenecks and inefficiencies automatically with advice on how to fix problems.

MetSMART is designed to help the user to make informed decisions on how to operate the plant at its best.

Download a 14-day free trial by clicking HERE.

View the videos about MetSMART on Minerality’s Youtube channel.


We provide:

1. Detailed engineering
2. Commissioning
3. Pre-operational design
4. Optimization studies and operations support worldwide.

Watch the survey video on our CONSULTING page for more info about our survey studies.


We teach minerals processing staff how to understand their plants better and what to look out for in day-to-day operations. It’s a hands-on approach to the modern grinding and flotation plant.

We can visit your office or site for on-site training or you can come to one of our scheduled workshops.

View the course outline on the Training Page.